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The first step in making your dreams into reality is to book a good training. Good trainings are not cheap so it’s important to identify what your budget is and are you willing to invest in yourself. Keep in mind that trying to save a few bucks can affect the results of your business. Think long-term and what value you want to give to your new clients. Starting with the right course in the beginning is crucial and will determine your success in this industry.

Be thorough with your research, contact the instructor and connect directly, and see what other students are saying. Some other things to consider before making an informed decision are:

· List of items in the kit

· Class size: will you be getting enough attention from the instructor?

· Duration of training

· Types of support after training

· Other resources or networks

· Is there final examination?

· If not, what steps will be taken to ensure certification?

So don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions and do your due diligence. Choose a brand that resonates with you and your values. Some brands will even provide marketing materials, advertising, discount on products, and other methods to help you. An eyelash training should make you feel excited and motivated to start lashing and not feeling like you’ve wasted money on sub-par teaching. You want to find a training that has a criteria for certification because there are some instructors that do not take the necessary steps to ensure qualification and sadly, are only there to make a quick buck.

There are lash educators who are dedicated to your success and passionate about helping you and by following these tips you can make the right decision! Have fun in the process and manifest the dream of your life as a boss babe!

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