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At Her Esthetician Slater, our goal is to make every person that enters our salon feel Beautiful Inside and Out.


Quynh Dinh, the salon’s owner grew up in a family of artists. It was only natural that she developed this passion for art throughout her teens and into adulthood.  With this foundation of artistry, Quynh brings new concepts, new trends and flair to both the salon and the beauty industry. 

Having trained under a number of internationally acclaimed lash experts, Quynh carries on the dedication to exceptional lashes. 

She attributes the work she did with her trainers as the point at which Quynh started to put artistry and design into the lash work that her clients so value today. 


After 17 years in the beauty industry and 9 years specifically in the lash industry, Quynh now trains her own team to carry on the dedication to fine-tuned techniques and meticulous detail. Maintaining the integrity of your lashes and providing quality service each time and every time is the foundation of Her Esthetician. 


Her Esthetician Believing you are Beautiful

Inside and Out since 2011.
Our Mission

We provide the single best eyelash extension services in Ottawa. Using the highest quality products combined with fine-tuned techniques, we are committed to perfecting our craft. We meticulously enhance your beauty while maintaining the integrity of your lashes.

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