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Quynh started her lash career 9 years ago after working in aesthetics for 12 years.  Her experience in working with clients every day and providing many services in beauty  had led her to her passion, lash extensions.  She is a specialist in classic, volume, and mega lashes.

Over the years, not only has Quynh developed her own techniques, she has incorporated knowledge and expertise from experts in the industry. Investment in oneself is very important to Quynh.  To succeed and be the best at something, she believes you have to keep learning and never give up.  This dedication led her to perfecting her craft and it ultimately gave her the desire to help others to take the next step in their beauty career. 

If you have the drive to learn, ready to start a new and exciting career, and be part of a glamourous community of Lash Artists, learn with Quynh, our Accredited Lash Trainer.

Why you should be a lash artist

Eyelash extensions has grown to be the fastest growing beauty trend today.  It shows no sign of stopping and millions of women are seeking this service more then ever before.  This demand for certified lash artists is increasing, so now is the best time to build a rewarding career or start a successful business.

Over the years, we have seen an alarming increase of damaged lashes as a result of poor techniques and improper training. Lash extensions should NEVER damage the natural eyelash when applied correctly.  You will be taught with the latest and most efficient techniques to execute perfect, beautiful and healthy lashes every time.  When training with us, you will leave feeling confident in your skills and inspired to take the next step in your own journey as a lash professional.  

Invest in yourself today and learn from an expert with years of knowledge, experience, effective teaching styles, and last of all, dedication to ensure your success after graduation

What to look for in a lash course

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